I explore the world through wine and write about the people, places, food and wine that I'm lucky to discover along the way. 

When I started City Wine Merchant in 2009, I did it to create amazing experiences, connect people, explore the world, and help people to drink better wine. I was very fortunate to grow up with parents who recognized the joys of seeing the world and sharing good wine with family and friends. Wine has been a part of just about every significant memory in my life and I genuinely want to help people create some of those same amazing experiences for themselves. 

I spent a decade as a lawyer living the law firm life. I forgot to slow down, be present, and enjoy the beautiful things that life has to offer. I made the jump and I've had profound life experiences with wine makers, grape growers, importers, retailers, dentists, architects, professors, bankers, who all find something special in wine. I continue to learn and grow from each of them, and there remains something very special about sharing a bottle of wine with someone you enjoy being around, no matter how many times you've done it before.

Enjoying wine is simple really. All great wine has a sense of place. What makes it special is the land it comes from and the people who create it. I started this site to share some of the amazing places, people and wines I discover. Enjoying better wine and exploring the world has never been easier. I hope my stories and tips help you to do both, slow down and find balance.

City Wine Merchant focuses on small production wines with a sense of place. Our wines have amazing people and places behind them, and we love telling their stories. 

One of the most discriminating and thoughtful wine selections Western New York has ever seen.
— Buffalo Spree