Do Something You Love

There are a lot of things I love in life.  Among them, and in no particular order, are my wife, my dog, and wine.  Thanks to my parents and an early start, it seems as though wine has been a part of just about every significant memory in my life.  Family dinners at home, traveling, parties, birthdays...and my wedding (rumor has it that we went through a few bottles of Champagne).  I became a dad for the first time on July 4th, and I'm already thinking of a fun bottle to put away for his 21st birthday.  Or maybe the 18th?  If I'm anything like my parents, my kid will be tasting wine early and often. 

Wine creates beautiful experiences and enhances others – a long, winding journey up a Tuscan mountain in search of a vineyard restaurant on a warm, early fall day that ended with the most perfectly layered and drinkable bottle of Chianti Classico (now that's a romantic lunch); a Prosecco cocktail and a Pinot Noir on the first night of our honeymoon; the bottle that we forgot we had that rounded out a perfect meal at home (remember that Malbec from Cahors that went perfectly with that lamb)?

I have been given a lot of advice in my life, but perhaps none more important than "do something you love."  And so I am.  I look forward to sharing it with people I know and people I will know.  Together we will create more great life experiences.